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National record no.41.200/8/2001
Date of issue2001-02-21
Common namemaize
Scientific nameZea mays
CultivarDK 440 RR (NK 603) Roundup Ready
Modified traitglufosinate tolerance
Gene constructCTP2-CP4EPSPS-NOS3'-e35S-Zmhsp70-CTP2-CP4EPSPS-NOS3'-NptII
Statusextension of the permissions # 52.062/1999/1 and 54.363/2000/3
Location(s) of emissionEnying, Ebes, Bonyhád, Békéscsaba-Kereki, Mosonmagyaróvár, Szabadszentkirály
CompanyMonsanto Kereskedelmi Kft.
Contact personMihály Czepó
Modification categoryherbicide tolerance

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