List of the registered gene technology laboratories in Hungary


These laboratories were given the permission for treating genetically modified organisms in closed system by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, considering the opinion of the Hungarian Biotechnology Committee:

  • Agricultural Biotechnology Center, Gödöllő (permission extended from 2005)
  • Biological Research Center, Szeged (permission extended from 2005)
  • Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research Institute for Logistics and Production System, Szeged (permission extended from 2005)
  • Fertőd Research Institute for Fruit Growing, Fertőd (permission extended from 2005)
  • Cereal Research Non-profit Company, Szeged (permission extended from 2005)
  • University of Veszprém, Georgikon Faculty of Agriculture, Keszthely (permission extended from 2005)
  • Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Martonvásár (permission extended from 2005)
  • Agroferm PLC, Kaba (permission extended from 2005)


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